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From creating a nursery for the newest member of the family to enlarging the dining room to host holiday gatherings, more living space means more warm, lasting memories. With countless options to choose from, EAD Homes will help you get the extra room you need to increase the space in your home.

Perhaps you love your neighborhood and do not want to move out. Or you are you expecting a new addition to your family and need another bedroom. Is your growing family feeling cramped in your current home? These are all common reasons why our clients come to us for their home addition needs. Whether you want to add a level or create an additional room, this will increase the square footage of your home and certainly increase its market value. We can help you through the remodeling and construction process to bring all the details together and seamlessly build the additions with your existing space.

Examples of Home Additions:

Building An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Adding an ADU to your home is also an easy and cost-effective way to add more living space. ADU’s come in a variety of forms and styles such as a detached ADU, garage conversion ADU, above garage ADU, and also bump-out ADU. We are experienced in building ADU’s while also securing permits and approvals needed to seamlessly add this great additional space to your house.

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